My name's Sam. I'm a creative from Tampa, FL with two general states of being: Making things and caring for animals.




Things I love:


  1. Reptiles. That's my dragon Pixel on my shoulder over there. I also have a crested gecko named Rocket. I'm a total animal nerd, I always come prepared with the craziest animal fun facts. I also volunteer at a cat shelter a few days a week.

  2. Colors. I like to live surrounded by bold colors. I think that's pretty obvious here. 

  3. Theme parks. I'm happiest on a rollercoaster. Give me neon lights, childlike fun, or cotton candy and I'm there.

Design to me is about experimentation, curiosity, and the desire to create things that make you feel more alive.

Photography by Alex Pinzon


I had a special opportunity on my 21st birthday to give a TedX talk on the family effect of addiction by sharing my experiences.    



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