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The Pseudo-Psychological Guide to the Animals Within Us

This personality assesment book was a passion project of mine and the first thing I ever did with the Adobe Suite. I combined my four favorite things into one book: psychology, people, animals, and saturated color.

f you want to find out your "chromo sapien", take the quizzes yourself! I love seeing what my friends and family get and recording it on the back page. 


I drew the animals and illustrations by hand. It was a mix of colored pencil, pastel, acrylics, oils, and some digital illustration. I also wrote the content and made the quizzes based on personal theories on personality.
Then, I recruited close friends to be my models.

At the time, I was a coach for Clifton Strengths-Finder. Learning about so many personalities through one on one meetings with students, I started to create my own theories on personality types.

I wanted the words, people, designs, and colors to be chosen carefully. I categorized animals, listed hundreds of adjectives, and redrew the "chromo sapiens" over and over until they felt right with the personality I was trying to embody. 
Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 12_edited.jpg
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