Band Branding & Album Covers

When creating this punk rock band and brand design, I wanted to keep the messy nature of punk while adding some neon flare. The design was primarily inspired by doodles my brother would make in rehab. These doodles, that he said represented the chaos in his head, were pure punk. What's even more punk, however, is taking scary chaos and making it light-hearted. Gorillas I saw at the zoo inspired the rest and soon I made a mad carnival of neon fun and gore. So I hope you enjoy this Gorilla WarFair and remember to Prey on Sundae.
prey poster 3.jpeg


This inspiration for this album cover project came long before I started it.
While visiting my brother in rehab, he showed me some doodles he during therapy. He's drawn these distinct, sharp faced figures since he was a kid. He told me it personified how he felt - trapped in addiction with every version of himself screaming in his head. Seeing how amazed by it I was, he gifted it to me when I left.  
This assignment was to create a band based on an existing band. I got Panic! At the Disco.
Immediately, I whipped out my brothers doodle and started to colorize it digitally. I chose the name Prey on Sundae as it follows Panic! At the Disco's  'action verb- proposition- noun' format and had some fun double meaning so I ran with it. I just needed some punk rockstars to complete the idea. 
My brother's original doodle and my colorized version
My snapshot of the rock band at the zoo
That weekend I went to the Atlanta zoo and found the gorillas posing away in full rock band mode. I snapped some pictures like their paparazzi and went work on blending together the doodles, gorillas and ice cream sundaes.
Initial Sketching

Type Experimentation

With a punk band, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get messy and write things out with nail polish, eyeliner, face masks, puff paint, and anything else I could find. The execution I went with was written in a goopy charcoal face mask. It just screamed fun-filled gore.

Illustration Process on Procreate